“Prior to my visit to Dr. Rotroff, I was apprehensive; but her staff made me feel comfortable immediately after I arrived. The staff is very friendly and professional and works together as a unified team. They reassured me and educated me, informing me about what was being done and why.

“When I met Dr. Rotroff, I felt confident in her skills and she made me feel quite comfortable in her knowledge and her explanation about my dental situation. She reassured me and offered several options before recommending the best treatment option.

“We scheduled several appointments for a cleaning, digital X-rays, as well as a comprehensive visit with Dr. Rotroff to lay out a plan of treatment that I could afford over a period of time.

“After several appointments, I am happy to say that, a year and a half later, I have a great smile and my teeth and gums are in a healthy state. I have had several people comment on my beautiful smile. And, when they ask who my dentist is, I am always ecstatic to tell them and recommend Dr. Rotroff. She is not a ‘one-visit’ dentist who tries to do it all at one time. She was patient and kind and reassuring. Now I can SMILE with confidence. Thanks, Dr. Rotroff!”
—Anne S.

“It was quick and easy to make an appointment and I really liked her dentistry staff. They made it fun and I felt like a member of a family and not an outsider. No pressure, just education about my dental health. Dr. Rotroff spent a lot of time with me and told me the status of my gums and teeth. She immediately set a proactive treatment schedule and now I feel great about smiling.”
—John B.

“Using the latest technology, Dr. Rotroff restored my crooked and missing teeth and gave me a beautiful smile. I work in the food-service industry and I actually saw my tips go up! I’m sure it’s because of my new smile and that helped me pay for my new teeth. I couldn't be happier. They offered me information about an alternative payment option that made it affordable for me. Thank you, Dr. Rotroff! You know how to make me smile.”
—Debbie J.

“What a beautiful office as well as a calming and relaxing atmosphere. Dr. Rotroff was great! I definitely will be going back.”
—Steve S.

“She’s truly a Master of Dentistry. You should see how she corrected and fixed my teeth! Now, I love to smile. No longer do I talk with my head down with my hand over my mouth. Now, I want to let the world see my teeth. I am so happy I found someone who was patient with me and listened to what I wanted and what I could afford. I have more work planned for the future, but for now, I still am happy about my decision to talk and to listen to the doctor. She is a dentistry artist and, even though I could have found someone cheaper, I don't think I would have found such a beneficial value and such a beautiful smile.”
—John J.